Youth Night
Every Saturday night we have a ParkCity Youth-evening at 7:30 PM for everyone from junior high, grade 7 to 18 years old. 2 Saturday evenings we have a fun, surprising activity and the 2 other Saturdays we start with a low-threshold Biblestudy, after which we also have a nice evening together! Our own youth, but also people from our own church or a different church take care of the Bible studies. The evenings usually take place at ParkCity Church, with an exception here and there. This is timely indicated on the Facebook page. Facebookpagina.

Youth Celebration
A few times a year there is a special Youth Celebration in ParkCity Church where youth from our youth group speaks and prays. These Sundays have a smooth interpretation and are of course accessible to everyone! By organizing this, young people can grow in their gifts and talents!

Next Generation
Every year there is a special program in ParkCity Church, in which young people with leadership skills go through a program led by Remco de Zwart for a year, in which the Bible and the development of leadership qualities are examined. Young people are released in their gifts and talents by serving in different teams.