Whoever is involved with children and young people not only sees pleasure and joy, but also cares and problems, big or small: illness, bullying, divorce, mourning, children with diagnoses, uncertainty, forms of risk behavior and many other situations. How do you guide them in these situations?

Even within the church we are often confronted with care questions about families, children and young people. This also offers opportunities. We can be there! We can make a difference in their lives. Providing a place where they find encouragement, help and support.

At different places in the Bible you can read how God gives the order to take care of children and young people. Bring them up and teach them, help them to live according to His honor and find their way in all circumstances in which life can bring them. In Park City Church we also have this special assignment and with that a great responsibility.

In many ecclesiastical congregations there is attention for pastoral care to adults. Child and youth pastoral care has the same goal as adult pastoral care: sanctification. Building children and young people to live up to God's honor. But how you shape pastoral care is totally different in child and youth pastoral care than in adult pastoral care. It is important to connect with the development and experience of the child.

Daarom hebben we sinds vorig jaar (2018) een kinder- en jeugdpastoraat team van verschillende gemeenteleden die nauw betrokken zijn bij het kinder- en jeugdwerk van onze kerk. We staan voor elke gezin en kind klaar om op de eerste plaats een luisterend oor te bieden, samen te bidden en hulp te bieden.

From the children's and youth pastorate, various activities are organized to equip children, young people, parents or youth workers. You can think of a family day, theme evenings, parent courses etc. We also have a supporting role in the children's and youth work of the church.

Perhaps you have been walking around for a long time with a request for help, this can also be of a practical nature. Then you are welcome to contact us.