What are Healing Rooms?
At Healing Rooms you can ask for prayer regarding different matters. For example, we can pray for healing regarding physical sickness or mental illness, we can also pray for loneliness, finding a(nother) job/residence, relational or financial problems, fear, insecurity, depressed feelings or just for a blessing over your life or specific heart desires.

How does it work?
Healing Rooms operates as walk-in hours. You will be welcomed by our host/hostess in the reception room. When it's your turn, the prayer team will pray for you. You can return as often as you would like.

For who?
Everyone is welcome and you can walk right in. It's free. It doesn't matter whether you believe or not, whether you're a Christian or not. God's love and goodness is for everybody.

About us
Healing Rooms Parkstad is an initiative of ParkCity Church, a modern and contemporary church in Heerlen. The volunteers of Healing Rooms are all Christians who are rock-solid convinced that prayer for people in the name of Jesus, has a powerful outcome for everyone who receives prayer.

Every Wednesday between 3:00 and 5:00 PM in Landgraaf (Grensstraat 121, 6374 CR)