The church should be a safe place for everyone. Fortunately for many people that is true. Yet that safety in the church is not self-evident. Abuses also happen within ecclesiastical relationships.

Anyone who experiences sexual harassment and/or abuse in ecclesiastical relationships can directly contact Stichting Gedragscode Leidinggevendenin which ParkCity Church is affiliated, but also first enter into a conversation with our internal counselor, mr. Edwin Cramer. He is the first point of contact and can help with possible further steps.

The counselor must adhere to the following instructions:

No substantive announcements are made to the elders team.
Confidentiality is mandatory with members to members and the elders team.
The confidential adviser works completely independently. He/she can consult Stichting Gedragscode Leidinggevenden
A counselor mainly offers a listening ear.


Contact our internal counselor